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EN Japanese Brasserie

Experience dining in our beautiful, authentic Japanese restaurant located in the West Village of Manhattan. Chef Abe Hiroki offers a modern approach to the rich traditions of Japanese cooking. Like we do in Japan, we cook with the seasons, and savor the peak flavor of ingredients.

We have created an extensive menu, featuring dishes as fresh tofu (prepared six times a night), Saikyo Miso Black Cod, Washugyu and Wagyu steak, an assortment of sashimi and signature sushi rolls and Kaiseki set menus. To compliment your dining experience, we have an extensive list of artisanal sake and shochu, signature cocktails, wine and full bar.

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Wednesday, May 20th
6pm, 7pm, 8pm sessions
$45 per person all inclusive

Learning about the food you eat and meeting the people who make it brings a whole new experience to the enjoyment of it, and we have planned a fun event that does not just that, but celebrates the careers of women in these fields!

Join us for sake tasting and oyster slurping, featuring 3 women "toji" sake makers on visit from Japan, 3 women oyster farmers, and a woman oyster expert. They will talk about their craft, the intricacies of their products, and the art of pairing sake with oysters.

In attendance will be:

- Miho Imada, Fukucho brewery introducing "Moon on the Water" Junmai Ginjo
- Yoshiko Sato, Kanbara brewery introducing "Bride of the Fox" Junmai Ginjo
- Miho Fujita, Yuho brewery introducing "Eternal Embers" Junmai
- Karen Rivara & Melanie Douglass, Peconic Pearls
- Abigail Carroll, Nonesuch Oysters
- Julie Qiu, Oyster Expert, inahalfshell.com

Tickets are available for purchase via phone or this link.
212-647-9196 x 1