CHOCOLATE TRIO chocolate mousse, cake and ice cream 11

KUROGOMA TOFU MOCHI DONUTS black sesame, tofu and mochiko donuts, side of vanilla ice cream. 10

HOJI-CHA PANNA COTTA japanese roasted green tea panna cotta with strawberry ice cream & haji-cha crisp 12

KURI PANNA COTTA panna cotta with house-made chestnut sauce 10

MONAKA ICE CREAM SANDWICH choice of vanilla or green tea ice cream with sweet red bean and berries 10

COOKIE & CHOCOLATE PLATE assorted tea cookies and chocolates 8

EN HOUSE ICE CREAM choice of three: green tea, earl grey tea, black sesame, fig, vanilla, fuji apple sorbet 10

SOBA TEA PUDDING with kuromitsu brown sugar syrup and a matcha cookie 10

MATCHA WHITE CHOCOLATE TIRAMISU castellated cake in white chocolate cream with powdered green tea 10

TRUFFLE ICE CREAM creme fraiche ice cream, truffle honey topped with fresh grated truffle 18

SAKE PEAR COMPOTE sake-marinated pear compote with raspberry sorbet & soy milk foam 12


*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness